Inheritance, Integration and Joint Progress - 2017 2nd New Employee Training of BAIC Group Held Successfully

Created at:2017-12-23

With the guidance of the Group Development Strategy 2.0, in order to further strengthen the understanding of the overall situation of the entire group by new employees in each subsidiaries of the group, promote the integration of new employees in terms of ideas and beliefs and enhance the sense of belonging of new employees in each business units, BAIC Group held the 2nd New Employee Training on Dec 21-22, 2017. Cai Suping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and Deputy General Manager of the Group, Zhang Zhixiong, Vice President and Secretary-General of  Beijing Automotive Economic Research Association, Zhang Rong, Director of the Corporate Development Department of the group, Li Jian, Deputy Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and head of the Department of Discipline Inspection of the Group, Han Zhanqi, Director of the Administration and Logistics Department (Security Department) of the group, Wang Qi, Vice Director of the Operation and Management Department of the group, Zhao Yan, Vice Director of the Brand Management Department of the group, Wang Xuequan, Vice Director of the Legal Affairs Department of the group, and 349 newly-recruited graduates of the group's subsidiaries participated in the opening ceremony of the training. The opening ceremony was presided over by Qi Yanping, Vice Director of the Human Resources Management Department of the group. 

With the attention and support of the management at all levels of the group, the Human Resources Management Department has conducted careful planning and arrangements for this training, designed 8 modules and 2 stages of training covering such aspects as corporate culture of the group, integrity in operation, safety management, brand philosophy, organizational structure, legal compliance, and operation conditions, and invited heads from various departments and offices of the group as lecturers. 

Lei Yu, a new employee from Beijing Benz, spoke on behalf of all the trainees first. He first reported on the growth and changes he had experienced in the three months since he took up the job. Then, Lei Yu expressed his resolution as a "new employee of BAIC" to fear no challenges and dare to shoulder the responsibilities. In addition, on behalf of all newly-recruited graduates, he made the promise to be integrated into the BAIC family as soon as possible, actively give play to their personal knowledge and skills on the new positions and, along with all colleagues of BAIC, make their contributions to the development of the group with continuous progress at work. 

In order to further enhance the learning ability of new the employees, the executives participating the ceremony presented the book Learning for Life to the trainees so that they can think about and nurture the growth mindset while improving their professional skills while and make lifelong learning a habit.

Cai Suping high recognized the group's new employee training. On behalf of BAIC Group, he welcomed the new employees, briefed introduced the overall situation and future plans of BAIC Group to the trainees and proposed seven expectations for the trainees. 

First, they are expected to adapt to the environment with a positive attitude in the face of a completely new environment, and have the courage to shoulder the responsibilities and the passion to overcome the difficulties. 

Second, they are expected to speed up the pace of integration into the group. Everyone is a part of the team and must pay attention to collaboration and establish good relations of cooperation with colleagues to achieve mutual trust, mutual support and mutual caring. 

Thirdly, as new graduates who are young and lack experience in work and life, they are expected to complete the role transition from students to employees as soon as possible and achieve a leap in their own abilities and qualities. 

Fourth, they are expected to strengthen learning. Facts have proven that the knowledge one learns at school is very limited. To make themselves excellent talent as soon as possible, they must get more knowledge and abilities from practice in the workplace since the moment they graduate from universities. 

Fifth, they are expected to start with every detail of work. "God helps those who help themselves". To become an outstanding person, it is inevitable for one to work hard and dedicatedly with several times of efforts, fully concentrate on his personal advantages and maximize his personal potential.

Sixth, they are expected to know clear about their responsibilities, take a serious and responsible attitude to complete their tasks with high standards and high quality, be responsible for themselves, their families, the company and the society, and devote all their talents and wisdom to their practical work from the day they started work. 

Seventh, they are expected to constantly adapt to the needs of their jobs, and actively associate their personal growth with the development of the departments and the development of the company, grow together with the company and make unremitting efforts for the full realization of BAIC Group's strategic transformation in the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. 

On the second day of the training, to enable the new employees to fully understand the Group's product knowledge and automotive manufacturing processes, the Human Resources Management Department organized all the trainees to visit the Third Plant of Beijing Hyundai and the BAIC Off-road Vehicle Plant to provide them with a deeper understanding of the Group's primary business and accelerate their transition to their roles as soon as possible. 

Through the two-day systematic, centralized, and efficient learning process, the training has helped the new employees to fully understand the group's history, culture, and strategic development goals, provide them with a clear understanding of various management requirements of the company and a more profound understanding of the culture and craftsmanship spirit of BAIC, and further enhanced their pride of being "new BAIC employees".

After the training, the trainees actively shared their experiences and expressed their inspiration as a member of BAIC. During the two-day training, everyone carefully studied the group's management philosophy and fully experienced the heritage and influence of BAIC Group's corporate culture. After returning to their respective positions, they will introduce the BAIC spirit of "hard work, unity and cooperation, advancing despite difficulties and determined to succeed" to their day-to-day work so as to contribute to the realization of the "Dream of BAIC" through every detail of work practice. 

Trainees watching the performance of military vehicles at the Off-road Vehicle plant 

Trainees visit the exhibition hall of the Off-road Vehicle Plant