BAIC • SF. Introduction
BAIC Group
combines social responsibility with the development strategy organically,
regards social responsibility as the enterprise’s important DNA,
adheres to the mission of “focusing on humanistic care and building a harmonious BAIC”,
gives more attention and investment continuously,
carries out the enterprise citizen’s duties, and practices the enterprise’s social responsibility.
BAIC’s social responsibility philosophy system

Based on the responsibility-performing practice, with the brand philosophy of "Your Wish • Our Ways"as the starting point, with the wish of "creating smiles for the world", and with the guiding thought of "running love to the world and benefiting thousands of families", BAIC Group built "BAIC • SF." enterprise citizen brand.

"Running love to the world" in the responsibility-performing philosophy is derived from BAIC’s brand philosophy "Your Wish • Our Ways". "Running" is the fundamental law for the circulation of all things, meaning that: only through running love to the world and abiding by principle of good faith can BAIC realize the harmony between "people, vehicles and nature", thereby "running by law and reaching the world", and creating China Dream • BAIC Dream.

"Benefiting thousands of families" in the responsibility-performing philosophy is derived from BAIC’s long-term responsibility-performing practice. BAIC’s enterprise citizen brand "BAIC • SF." views "running love to the world" as the action program of the responsibility-performing philosophy, meaning that BAIC, just like a SunFlower (SF.), pursues brightness and happiness and fills the world’s every corner with smiles and harmony.

BAIC • SF. CSR Philosophy

"BAIC • SF." enterprise citizen brand philosophy is an action guide for BAIC Group to perform the enterprise’s social responsibility. "BAIC • SF." enterprise citizen brand philosophy includes four dimensions:

join hands with associated groups for common development;
care for natural environment for common harmony;
practice public welfare for common warmth;
reflect advanced culture for common progress.

Sports Support Environmental Protection Social Services Education Sponsorship Poverty Relief
BAIC establishing special love foundation for children’s critical illness
BAIC sponsoring “BAIC Group Cup” national parachuting championships
Beijing Benz sponsoring China Open
BAIC supporting military emergency command vehicle
BAIC’s and HAN Hong’s love action in Tibet
BAIC sponsoring Tour of Beijing
BAIC providing vehicles and volunteers for APEC meeting
BAIC providing vehicles and volunteers for G20 Summit
BAIC sponsoring Tour of Qinghai Lake
BAIC men’s volleyball competition site
Beijing Hyundai’s volunteers for desertification control in Inner Mongolia
BAIC Motor sponsoring center boarding school in Baizha town, Yvshu