Independent Innovation System
"3+N" independent innovation system: "Three R&D platforms for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and new energy vehicles + research institutes of multiple key subsidiaries." The group owns 11 national hi-tech companies, including BAIC Motor Corporation., Ltd., BAIC BJEV, BAIC Powertrain and Shandong Binzhou Bohai Piston. It also owns three national corporate technology centers including BAIC Motor Corporation Research Institute, Beiqi Foton Motor Engineering Research Institute and Shandong Bohan Piston Technology Center.
Innovation in R&D Mechanism
BAIC Group has make full use of the resources and technology advantages of Beijing as the "National Scientific and Technological Innovation Center" to actively carry out extensive and in-depth industry-university-research cooperation and collaborative innovation with scientific research institutes, industrial associations, and government departments, etc., It has established cooperative relations with institutions like the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and Beijing Institute as well as dotcom companies like Baidu, Xiaomi and IFLYTEK, and has been vigorously promoting cross-border innovation and integrated innovation, conducting joint innovation and technological outcome transformation activities centering on such technological trends of electrification, intelligence, networking and lightweight design, and strengthening the ability of technological research.
Innovation in R&D Mechanism
The Beijing New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center is a major initiative for the deployment of innovation-driven industrial upgrading and the establishment of a “technological innovation system with companies as the mainstay, market as the orientation, and deep integration of industry, universities and research institutions". The innovation center advocates an all-round open operation mechanism for co-discussion, co-construction, co-governance and sharing and is intended to guide industry-university-research partners to the ecosystem of the innovation center to ensure they to do what they are good at, get what they need and share what they create so as to jointly construct a world-class source of technological innovation for new energy vehicles through the construction of "two highlands" and "three platforms".
R&D Outcomes of Independent-brand Passenger Vehicles
With the dual-brand strategy of "BAIC" and "Changhe" as the main focus, BAIC's independent-brand passenger vehicle lineup covers eight car platforms, three Off-road vehicle platforms and one crossover platform, including over 20 models.
R&D Outcomes of Off-road vehicles and Military Vehicles
On June 30, 2017, “BJ80", an off-road vehicle of BAIC Group became President Xi Jinping's vehicle for the military parade in Hong Kong. On July 30, 2017, "BJ80" off-road vehicle once again became the vehicle of President Xi for the military parade on the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. In the domestic blockbuster Wolf Warriors 2 screened in 2017, BAIC's off-road vehicle "BJ 40" made a stunning appearance on the big screen as the hero's "best comrade" and attracted countless fans with its handsome appearance and powerful strength.